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  Well let me say this is one of Thailand's most favourite. If you live in the Northeastern part of Thailand or intend to go there I would say, "You better learn to eat this". Sold by most hawkers at the cost of about Baht 15-25 per plate. While buying from a hawker you may (advisable) stand there and guide the seller of the kind of taste you want or else it might come out too chilly. It is best eaten with Khao Niew (Sticky rice) and roasted chicken. Which in most cases is sold by the same hawker.


1/4 cup of ground dried shrimp,
1 dried chili soaked in water,
6 garlic cloves,
7 pepper corns,
1/4 cup of lemon-cut into small cubes,
3 tbsp. of palm sugar,
3 tbsp. of fish sauce,
2 tbsp. of lemon juice,
1 tbsp. of tamarind juice,
1 lettuce plant
Gently crush shredded papaya in mortar with pestle then remove and pour in a big mixing bowl. Crush garlic, dried chili and pepper corns in mortar, mix thoroughly. Mix and boil tamarind juice, fish sauce and sugar in a pot. Remove from heat and allow to cool, add lemon juice and mix with chili paste in a mortar. Pour the mixture over the crushed papaya in a bowl and add the dried shrimp, lemon cubes and mix thoroughly. Spoon onto a plate, garnish with red spur chili. Serve with lettuce.   Ps. for this dish you can change the papaya to cucumber or carrot. Lime, fish sauce and chilly is the main taste giver here.
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